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Lemon Dream

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Paeonia Itoh Lemon Dream

Blooming Period: Mid-season
Flower Shape: Semi-double
Color: Yellow
Flower Size: AA
Flower Species: Itoh

Anderson R.F. (1999) Lemon Dream® is a semi-filled to filled Itoh Hybrid or Intersectional. With the softly scented, butter-yellow flowers up to 17 cm and sometimes pink stripes, this flower is a must for gardens and parks all over the world. Similar to Bartzella but lighter in color. The ornamental foliage remains green until frost and changes color to autumn shades in the autumn. Lemon Dream® flowers in mid-season. Lemon Dream® needs a number of years to grow into a mature plant.

*Please note there is a 3-root minimum per variety. For orders of over 300 roots (10 full crates), please contact us to receive a quote.

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