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Tips For Planting Peonies

You have purchased peony plants (roots) in our webshop and want to plant them and don't know where to start. Welcome!

Instructions for Planting Peonies

If you purchased peony plants from Peony USA, you received them in bags filled with peat dust. We do this to prevent them from drying out, but also to promote the growth of the new hair root. But what now?!

See our tips to help give you optimal growth of your peony plant:

  • Soil type: A moist, airy and nutrient-rich soil. Clay or sandy soil.

  • Planting period. October or November. This generally depends on your environment. But it is also possible to plant them in the spring (March/April). If you allow the roots to overwinter, we recommend storing them in the supplied bags with peat. You do this just above freezing point to give them the necessary cold hours. In addition, keep them moist and do not let them dry out (freezing is also dehydration).

  • Plant position. Find a sunny spot with sufficient light, half shade is also possible. Furthermore, a place that is not too sheltered for sufficient air circulation to prevent fungal diseases such as Botrytus. Also not too close to large trees or shrubs, as these will draw all the moisture and nutrition from the soil, causing the peony to fall short. Always plant peonies in a unique place, the old one is 'tired' and will never give the same quality and pleasure as it did.

  • Planting depth. Make a hole larger than the plant and loosen the soil underneath. Place the noses (growth points) up between 3 and 5 centimeters below the ground. Not too deep(!), as that can cause the plant to bloom poorly (or not at all).

  • Plant spacing. This depends on purposes. In general, in the garden, 50 centimeters is sufficient for the plant to grow.

  • Fertilization. This varies per environment, but natural fertilizer can never hurt. Ensure good drainage. Peonies like plenty of water, but be careful: they do not like to be flooded, this will cause them to rot.

Planting Peonies in a Pot

It is also possible to plant the plant in pots, one variety is better suited for this than the other. Keep in mind that the plant always has more nutrition and growth vigor in the open ground. If you plant in pots, keep in mind that your pot is sufficiently large (at least 25 liters), does not dry out, does not become too wet and is sufficiently fertilized. Several years in a pot is always a challenge.

Peonies always thrive best in the open ground because they simply have the most space there.

Pruning Peonies

The first year it is advisable to head the spent flower to create full photosynthesis and obtain a more mature plant the following year, but always keep it green! It is always advisable to leave at least 2 leaves per stem each season to maintain good flower production. As soon as the leaves die, remove the crop by 5 cm. above the ground. Please note: with some varieties (e.g. Itoh's) new buds grow on the stem, then prune the stem by 5 cm. way up there. Do not leave the crop as this can cause mold to form.

The peony is a perennial plant that, if you plant and care for it correctly, will give you years of pleasure!


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